How to Make Money on Steam: Top 3 Legit Ways + Tips

Whether you are a newbie or a professional gamer, everyone seems to know of the cloud-based library known as Steam now.

Commonly published as standalone software in the early years of 2003, this popular platform soon gained drastic recognition and started including third-party games to increase its market value as well. 

Currently, the pandemic has forced a lot of people, mainly students and adults with part-time and full-time jobs to be stuck at home for an indefinite period of time.

While the adults are adapting to the change by working from home, part-time students are looking at other ways to earn their share of pocket money while enjoying quality time at home. 

One such popular way to earn from home is by through the platform/app mentioned above, and that is none other than Steam.

This online-based gaming platform not only allows you to spend hours after hours playing your favorite video games, but you can now create your own source of income through it. 

However, a lot of people seem to be sleeping on this amazing potential that Steam offers to its users, but we are here to burst that bubble today. If you don’t know how to make money on Steam but want to pursue making a living out of a gaming platform, then worry no longer!

Check out what we have listed below to learn all the things you can do to make money on Steam. 

1. Trading Cards

If you have been playing games on Steam for a long time now, you might already know that the platform usually rewards its players with trading cards for winning the games provided, or simply for playing to begin with. 

The trading cards might not actually be worth too much by themselves, but stacking them up one after the other can actually gain you a lot of cards, thus money as well. 

Overtime, you might see yourself owning over 100 cards at once, and that probably will not even require you to play all day long if you are a hardcore gamer. 

How to find trading cards

Contrary to popular belief, you will not be provided with a trading card after every game that you play. In fact, the first trading card will be given to you after your first 15 minutes of play time, whereas the second one will be provided to you after 2 hours of play time instead! So our advice to you is to not keep playing the entire time, but only strike when the time is right!

Are the trading cards free?

In all honesty, there is a catch here to the trading cards as well. To be fair, you will not be getting these trading cards completely of zero cost, as you will have to make a small transaction for them. 

However, this cost of buying them can easily be overthrown by profit if you follow one simple rule when investing, and that is to buy cheap, but sell on a high price

This notion is not only applied to buying and selling on Steam, as you can use this policy to your own advantage in the actual global economy. Always increase the demand for what you are selling on Steam, even if it had cost half the actual price of what you’re selling!

For this, you will need to be sharp and actually do some market research before you start on your trading cards business. We know, it might seem like a drag at first, but if you can do it right, people will be coming to you to buy the trading cards, and that will accumulate a whole lot of profit in the long run.

Which trading cards are the most valuable?

Just because trading cards on Steam seem to hold a lot of business potential doesn’t mean that you should buy and sell each and every one of them. The most valuable trading card on Steam is actually the foil ones, which could even be sold for over a hundred dollars on the platform!

2. Score Pre-Release Items

This might be a bit hard to achieve at first, but securing a handful of pre-released items can greatly increase your chances of profit on Steam. The pre-release items can be resold on the Steam platform later after the initial game is finally released, and most of the times the demand for the items increase by ten folds. 

Where to find Pre-Release items?

Starting from individual games to the Steam marketplace itself, you can find many Pre-Released items on the entire platform but only if you do some research beforehand. 

3. Offer Your Services

If you are not a gamer, nor interested in playing games to even begin with, you can still earn money on Steam by offering what you can do for the game developers instead!

For instance, if you are a professional coder, why not offer your services and skills to a game developer that you think has enough potential to generate a good amount of sales? This will help you hone your skills while also letting you earn a good income by doing what you know best. 

Likewise, you can also provide your graphic designing skills to independent game developers through Steam and that position will also gain you a good amount of profit. 

Who do I offer my skills to?

You should seek professional developers and independent marketers to offer your skills to, as they know what they are doing best. However, if you can take a leap of faith as well, we think hardcore gamers won’t be bad clients either. 


There are tons of different ways to make money on Steam now, but it all requires a good amount of time and patience as an investment.

If you can hold out during the waiting game, then going for Steam for a business idea might not be too bad after all.

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