5 Best Non-Phone Work from Home Jobs (2020)

With a global pandemic raging outside with full potential, many people have been forced to start working from home on a daily basis. This means thousands of millions are having to adapt to using technology to complete their work from home. 

However, not many are as lucky in still having a job to begin with. In fact, statistics state that over 300 million people have already lost their full-time jobs around the world.

Not only is this a tragedy for the worker him or herself, but it also poses a threat among families as daily necessities now run scarce. 

But every storm brings a rainbow afterwards, and nothing could have been more true to this than the rise of new businesses and job offers that have sprung up on a global reach. 

Albeit prevalent for a really long time now anyway, work from home jobs are recently gaining more recognition and value due to the tragic pandemic. 

Look no further than this article if you are looking for a work from home job yourself but don’t know where to start looking. 

In this article of ours, we are going to list down the most famous and legit Non-Phone Work from Home Jobs that you can take a chance in applying to.

1. Daily Transcription

One amazing benefit that arises from working from home is the fact that you are not forced to follow one specific routine all day long. In fact, most non-phone work from home jobs will allow you flexible timeframes within which you can complete your job and submit to the company or agency. 

One such amazing online work from home job company is Daily Transcription. This amazing job is really popular inside the United States of America, however, it seems to be gaining a lot of positive feedback from U.K as well. 

The company requires you to create and fix your very own schedule to work in, so you have perfect command and flexibility here. The work you will be doing also requires you to only have good knowledge over the English language. 

Once hired, the company actually provides its employees with a good amount of training and also other sorts of coaching that will help the employees get better at what they do. 

The best thing about the job is that signing up for it is completely free! You also get a good pay, even though the work itself is pretty easy. How simple is that?

2. Shutterstock

For many, Shutterstock is nothing but the label on many pictures and other sorts of images found on the internet, but we can assure you that it is way more than just that!

In fact, Shutterstock has been providing many non-phone work from home jobs during this pandemic, and global users are so thankful for that!

One of the easiest way to earn a substantial amount of money from the comfort of your home now is to simply take high quality pictures and sell them to Shutterstock. Honestly, that is really all you need to do!

After selling your content to Shutterstock, the company will post it on their platform. Every time a new download on your specific content is made, you will be gaining a good amount of commission. 

Users who have sold their images to Shutterstock with proper licensing done and legit subscriptions have been stated to have earned over 10,000 to 20,000 dollars annually! In over 15 years, the company itself has been said to have spent over half a million dollars in paying its contributors. 

So if you have got a knack for taking pictures (of any kind, as long as they are of high quality and have the right licensing done), selling your images to the company might bring a positive turn of events.

3. Appen

Many of us seem to have a knack and special understanding regarding content research and web analysis. If that sounds like you, we would recommend you to check out Appen for a change. 

This company hires what they call “search engine evaluators” to do their web research for them and provide multinational companies and clients with the information that they require. 

To apply for this job, all you really need is to be over the age of 18 years old and have a good understanding over web research as well as precise analytical skills. 

Although not as easy to many like the previous jobs that we mentioned on this article, Appen still offers a really potential job position if you have got what it needs. 

4. VIPKid

Mainly catered towards the educators among us, VIPKid is an amazing platform for new tutors and experienced educators who are sitting at home during this pandemic. 

The company provides its clients with the necessary training and guidance before it assigns them to tutoring both children and adults virtually. There are plenty of positions usually available, as well as proper web support for all your queries and issues while working from home. 

VIPKid already has over 40,000 teachers employed worldwide, but that does not mean they just stopped hiring. The company is still hiring teachers as we speak, so what are you waiting for?

5. BabbleType

Similar to the first non-phone work from home job that we listed on this article, BabbleType also follows a similar format and work type. 

The company looks for highly qualified individuals to join their team of professional transcriptions. As usual, applicants will be required to have a good command over the English language and be capable of creating a coherent speech pattern. The job they offer is good and definitely provides a moderate amount of pay. 


Just because you are stuck at home does not mean you can stop being productive! These non-phone work from home jobs will not only help you stay mentally fit during such trying times but also allow you to earn money from the comfort of your own home.

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